Made from special Tuscan clay

Made in Belgium


LIFESTYLE FURNITURE offers various objects for indoor and outdoor use in noble, timeless and durable materials. We only work with traditional and high-quality materials: Tuscany terracotta, copper, zinc and steel. This is produced using the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. The big advantage of our pot collection is that we have almost everything in stock in 2 colors, so we can deliver quickly and that the pots come into its own perfectly for both indoor and outdoor use.

Caspo Basso

Height: 60/30 or 80/40 or 106/53 cm

Aula Caspo

Height: 45/32 or 60/40 or 80/50 cm

Aula Ciotola

Height: 48/21 or 64/25 or 80/29 cm


Height: 80/90 cm

Mortaio Alto

Height: 60/80 or 80/100 cm


Height: 40/60 or 54/80 cm

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